[zionhost_shortcodes_portfolio_single image_one=”1065″ image_two=”1146″ image_three=”1147″ image_four=”1148″ heading1=”Project Description” text=”Before WordPress or at least before I knew anything about it, I created a website for John Gage in Cold Fusion. The site was for listening to audio files of John playing the trumpet and marketing The Brass Warm-Up and Practice Guide as well as a few other items for sale. A couple of years ago, I updated the site using a StudioPress Theme – Optimal and used WooCommerce to handle the sales.” heading2=”Project Details” date=”October 2008″ author=”Rick Hampton” features=”Marketing
StudioPress Themes” atf_url=”#” tw_url=”#” fb_url=”#” gp_url=”#” ln_url=”#” dl_url=”#”]
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