An Idea
For Marketing Reps and Agents

Let’s say that you represent company The Great Health Wellness And Wealth Company! So, they assign you a marketing website at, which is really difficult for prospects to remember. So what do you do?.

First you search for an available name with a similar slant to it, such as So you register it for $12.95/year and sign up for our Forwarding Plus Email account for $14.95/year. Now you’ve spent $27.90 to be a professional!

You now login to your cPanel and set up your forwarding domain… so when someone types in, they are taken to Next, you set up an actual email account… not one that forwards, but one that matches the site, such as

The fact is… that if I see something come through from, then I am tempted to just check out what’s she’s doing by going to I couldn’t do that if she had a gmail address.

So why the extra domains?  Maybe down the road, an even better domain becomes available, but you’ve already given out information to your original web address… so you keep it and just add a domain that will take them to your site as well.

And the sub-domains?  Well, maybe Susan is working with her husband Herb.  So they get an joint business account to use with the main site.  Then she gets an account and uses and he uses!

I also realized that this would also be a great idea for Real Estate Agents… especially if they move around a lot.  They use their domain to forward to their company’s website, and that’s also what’s on their business cards.  Later on, when they decide to go with another company, they just switch the forwarding links to their new employer’s website and they are off and running. And their old customers will always be able to keep up with them.

Just think about it. Then click the “Get Started” button!

/ Year

Forwarding Plus Email

  • 2 Email Accounts
  • 2 Email Lists
  • 2 Sub-Domains
  • 2 Parked Domains
  • 2 Alias Domains
  • cPanel Access for Easy Management

  • - Does not include Domain Registration -